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Jill Pease colors her world with brilliant colors and broad brush strokes. Her journey into painting began with symbols on clay, images on canvas and abstracts on silk. Her tactile relationship with each medium, coupled with her intuitive sense led her more deeply into her muse and the discovery that her passion for painting was deeply rooted in the process.

Plein Air painting has magically connected for her the art of being in the present moment and feeling the energy of the landscape. Her love for travel keeps her moving between the high altitude of the southwest to sea level in the islands. She captures that excitement on canvas with her bold use of color.

Jill teaches at her studio, The Vero Beach Museum of Art and at workshops. She is firmly convinced that each one of us has the ability to create if given the proper environment and her enthusiasm for giving birth to creativity is contagious.

"Explore your creative life - it's rich!"    Jill Pease



Jill Pease

Jill Pease, Artist



Spontaneous paintings, a contemplative process



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